I'm a 69 year old woman farrier with a relatively small frame. I couldn't be trimming hooves at all without BudNippers. They multiply the power needed to cut through thick and hard hooves. I can even use them one handed when I need to. Plus, the business owners are very pleasant to work with!


Beautifully made and Super effective.  Arrived WAY ahead of schedule - thank you so much.  Have used several times and am VERY happy with them.  Hubby is a mechanic and tool geek and he says they are beautifully made and should last a lifetime. Perfect for the rock hard Haflinger feet that I trim and makes all trimming easier on my carpel tunnel.

 New Hampshire

Well worth it.  I have been using these nippers for years, and decided its time that I own a pair of my own. They make trimming a whole lot easier .  I thought they were price at first, but its well worth the investment.  It will save you money over the years with the ability to replace blades when the need arises


Great for certain trimming situations.  I need these for overgrown hooves or horses with long walls. Budnippers work great for those situations! They save lots of time and are often quicker than using the old saw for slipper toes.  However be cautious as one could take off too much hoof if not a competent trimmer.  They are well built and will last a long time, so I consider it a good investment.


I've had my BudNippers for years and can't live without them. Time for new blades.

 New Jersey

Love the nippers - just picking up some replacement blades.

 New Jersey

Have had a pair of your nippers for almost 20 years now.


I borrowed a pair from a friend who refused to sell them to me when she sold her horse. she said they were too good to let go! I have diabetes, my hands have nerve damage and have lost strength in them. we have 8 horses I keep trimmed and help some friends with theirs. I can not keep using standard nippers, yours were awesome! I need a pair of my own. I was hoping for a xmas special!?


I own a set of your Original Compound Action BudNipper. I have for years and have never had to replace the blades but..........it's past time now.


Have owned the compound BudNippers for two years and love it. Has made trimming so much easier.


I've had these nippers for quite a few years.  I love them & wouldn't go back to regular nippers.


Wonderful. Have had a pair of compound buds for 10 years. Blades remove easily for resharpening, which I do on a whetstone like you would a wood chisel. I highly recommend them. They are well worth the extra cost. They are also great on the full sized draft hooves I usually trim.


Love my compound nippers and just changed the blades after a year of use on mustang hooves.

Alisha D.

...this a good product that I strongly recommend ! Thanks for the nippers they are a great tool!

 South Dakota

...these nippers are really a quality built piece of equipment!


...the bud nippers are fantastic, I have a horse with hooves like concrete and my new nippers cut through them like butter!


These nippers are great! It used to take several exhausting hours over the course of two days to trim our 2000lb Percheron (size 8 shoe). We were able to finish a very difficult trim job less than 1/4 the time, and still had energy to burn!

Scott & JoDee
 Duvall Washington

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